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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Three Day, 2-Up, Colorado Adventure Ride, Day 1

I am not much 'into' a long dialog, explaining the specifics of the trip. I would rather you look at the pics and read the caption. (Ask if you have questions)

We ended up shooting about 100 digital pics and about 150, 35mm pics... with no way to post them all. But, we have picked a few of the 'Best' for your viewing pleasure. (When you encounter a pic that 'peaks your interest', please click on the pic and it will expand for detailed viewing.)

The trip was an epic one for Audra and I. Why epic... well, it was the first decent ride for us (2-up) on the DL650 (Wee-Strom). This was a trip that was specifically routed for a dual-sport bike, where we ended up logging nearly 50 miles of dirt. A good 10 miles of that dirt, was a huge challenge with washed out roads, sand/gravel and beautiful sights to totally distract my navigation.

Day 1 Falcon to Gunnison (6 hours of traveling, including rests).
Day 2 Gunnison to Glenwood Springs (9 hours of traveling time, including dirt roads and rests).
Day 3 Glenwood Springs to Falcon (5 hours, was rather quick, but with the rain, we didn't stop much, but just hooked 'em home).

Total mileage was about 650 miles over three days.

Friday morning, as Audra and I are about to depart.

The Arkansas River Canyon, Canyon City to Salida. This ride through the twisties was a blast.

Lunch at Salida at Amicas. This place is an outstanding MicroBrew and has even better Wood Fired Pizza's. It is located in old downtown, not on the main drag.

After lunch, Audra and I headed down to the Arkansas River to relax and plan out the trip. We thought this would be a 10 minute rest, but the river and the atmosphere was so serene, we ended up relaxing to the sound of the water and each other's company.

Pic 1 of the Aspens, headed up Monarch Pass.

Pic 2 of the Aspens. As you can imagine, as we climbed in elevation, the colors intensified and were much more striking.

Monarch Ski Area.

Water runs both ways. For the first time on a motorcycle, crossing the Continental Divide.

Upon arrival in Gunnison, Audra and I settled into our hotel, walked mainstreet and then enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Gunnisack. They are known for their hamburgers and Rib-eye, Chicken-fried Steaks. We had both! Highly Recommend! After dinner, there was still enough light, allowing us to tour this remote, little city. The local higher institution, Western University, reminded us of Sul Ross State University in Alpine, Texas (where we grew up and went to school).

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