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Sunday, June 21, 2009

New Mexico Cuisine Tour - Day 2

Day number 2 started off in Trinidad, CO, with rain coming down. Fortunately, we had the right gear and remained waterproof and warm, throughout the ride. Here's a pic of Audra, getting decked out for the wet ride.

On top of Raton Pass, we paused for a picture.

South of Raton, NM, we headed southwest on Highway 64, or the Santa Fe Trail.

A stretch of the legs and a half hour of people watching in Eagles Nest.

Finally, we arrive in Taos. Michael's Kitchen yielded a lunch of enchiladas, tamales, etc... AWESOME.... and a must stop for everyone!

Oh yeah....that is me, feasting on a sopapilla, drizzled in honey-butter!

Leaving Santa Fe, it was still drizzling and the temps were in the 50's.

Finally the sun!!!! In Santa Fe, we stopped at a Starbucks for a 'warm-up coffee'.

An end to a wonderful day, found us in Albuquerque. An evening meal at The Range. Of course, we continue to return to this restaurant for Chili Rellenos.

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