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Saturday, June 13, 2009

First 2-Up Ride on the Strom

Sunday found Audra and I riding up in the mountains. Our ride took us up to Woodland Park, Divide....across mountains through the tiny town of Guffey and down to Canon City. From there we went to Pueblo, enjoyed a great lunch of Mexican and then back home. It was 200 miles of wonderful beauty!!!!

Audra with the backside of Pike's Peak in the background.

This pic is typical of the country on the backside of the Peak. Huge Rock mounds and outcroppings with Pines, Oak Brush and Juniper.

You must click on this picture. You will see the hay field, rows of hay and bailed hay on the left.....HUGE memories of Oregon!!!!

A pic of the way it looks running 60 mph down the road.

Guffey, CO. A quaint little place with a couple of restaurants and shops. I can't imagine the total population exceeding 20.

We stopped for a break at the intersection of County Rd 59 and Highway 9.

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