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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sunday Ride

Yesterday, was one of our first, nice days we have had in a long time, as we just keeping getting snow storm after snow storm. I AM READY FOR SUMMER! With the temps in the high 50's and a beautiful, blue sky day....Audra and I decided to head out on a motorcycle ride. She suggested Cripple Creek.

Half way up the mountain, we pulled over to stretch our legs and enjoy the mountain air. This was Audra's first ride with her new riding gear and helmet.

One of the reasons Audra is so keen on Cripple Creek as a riding destination, is the fact that they have a Starbucks. After parking the bike and ordering our coffee, I popped the question...."Hey babe, how about you and I just take $5 each and hit the slots for 15 minutes?" She was game so we walked into the Casino in full riding regalia, plopped down on a couple of stools and fed our five dollars in. 15 minutes later, Audra had run through her allotment and I was walking up to the Changer to cash out......YEP, I won $110 with $5 in the machine!!!!

On the ride home we came across this little batch of Big Horn Sheep.

One of the things we love about riding bikes is the people we meet. This is a pic of Terry Davis, a resident of Amarillo. We shared a pizza with Terry and he rode half the trip with us. His bike is a brand new, Triumph Scrambler, the same bike that Steve McQueen rode in a movie or two!!! Beautiful Bike!!!!

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