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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Three Day, 2-Up, Colorado Adventure Ride, Day 3

Sunday morning, we awoke to heavy overcast skies and constant, light rain in Glenwood Springs. We put on the rain gear and hit the road, riding Hwy 82 up toward Aspen.

Just past Aspen, we pulled over for a quick pic. The rain had susibed, but 3 miles down the road it starting pouring....all the way up to Independence Pass. When we topped out at 12,095....it was snowing! The 14'ers on both side of us were already 'white capped'.

Promptly coming off the mountain traverse, we headed to Bongo Billy's in Buena Vista.....warming up with some coffee.

Our last stop, before arriving back in the Springs.... Wilkerson Pass, 9,502.

A look at Pikes Peak, off in the distance as we ride Hwy 24 back home.

Upon arriving back in Colorado Springs, it was 1pm and we were famished. We headed over to Wahoo's for some fish tacos.

Just shy of 650 miles, we logged 646.2 miles on our loop around Colorado. Not a lot of miles over three days, but a lot of tough miles, 2-up.

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