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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bryce's new toy.....

After a year of wanting a single-track bike and a couple of months of Craigs List shopping, Bryce found a great deal on his new baby.

2001 Yamaha YZ426

A Rack for the XR650R

My Honda is evolving.... When I purchased it, it was set up to be a pure dirt bike. Then I went to work:

* I added all the equipment for it to be street legal and paid the registration for a license plate.

* Then I added the Acerbis Desert Tank. With the 6.4 gallon capacity, the bike has the range to eclipse 300 miles. This will be nice when riding out west in the Utah Canyonlands and in Death Valley.

* Finally, I made a decision on a solution to carry my gear. I opted for a rach and bag system. I am very pleased and should be able to lightly pack for up to a week of motorcycle, backcountry camping.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

2011 Mathis Family Reunion

We found our way down to Angel Fire New Mexico for the 2011 Mathis Family Reunion.... My In-Laws. I hauled both Honda's down with the idea that Tyler and I could do a day of riding over at Sipapu to scout out the area, but the Carson National Forest Admin Boys.... moved access to Stage 3. That meant, no motor vehicle access.

So, the Honda's had a light workout. A couple of pavement runs and toodling around the rental property was the extent of our two-wheeled fun.