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Saturday, June 13, 2009

ADV WestFest 2008, Day 1

Fest West 2008 was an Epic gathering of Adventure Riders from across the United States. Arriving in Lake City, Colorado, smack-dab in the middle of the "Alps of America", the San Juan's. 200+ adventure riders prepared for three days of riding challenging trails, views that few have seen, beautiful adventure motorcycles, great fun, camaraderie and new found friendship; I had an outstanding time. Arriving in mass on dual-sport, adventure bikes, riders traveled from as far away as Canada, Georgia, California, and Michigan.....not to mention the east side of Texas.

My trip to West Fest began at the house, leaving out of Colorado Springs, I headed west on Hwy 24 toward Woodland Park.

The first stop was at Cripple Creek for a little Java to help keep me 'sharp' for the next 250 miles.

Runnin the Twisties next to the Arkansas River on Highway #50 between Canyon City and Salida.

Lunch in Salida at Country Bounty. Outstandinging service and menu.

Poncha Springs, CO... The Collegiate Range in the Background.

Highway #149, headed south toward the San Juan's.

Base Camp in Lake City.

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