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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Alamosa and the Highway of Legends

On Sunday, I took Audra down to Alamosa for her Grad, Summer School classes. She drove her car and I led on the Strom. After a couple of days, I headed back home to check on the kids, house and yard/plants. My trip home, involved a business meeting in Trinidad, so I decided to detour through La Veta and experience the Highway of Legends. WOW, it is an awesome bike ride and a must do for anyone living in Colorado or passing through. Enjoy the pics (you must click on the pics to enlarge and get the 'full justice' of the photo).


  1. Nice trip. I'll have to ride this one on my 07 Wee. How many miles of dirt road is there? Visit me at http://adventuresonmotorcycles.blogspot.com.