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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bryce's New Ride

After about 6 months of dreaming, planning, saving and looking... Bryce is finally the owner of a fabulous dual-sport bike, a Honda XL600R.

Teaching the boy....solid, fiscal responsibility....he saved his money from his job at the pizza place and paid cash for the bike.

Upon trailering the bike home, Bryce begged and pleaded to give it a spin. I let both he and Tyler take it for a ride up and down the street. Prior to the boy being turned loose, he will have to take the Motorcycle Safety Class, purchase the registration, purchase insurance and ride with Dad for six months on a Motorcycle Permit. THEN....he can get his license. We have big plans for this summer, including attendance at ADVRider WestFest, a three day Adventure Ride in the mountains around Buena Vista. Anyway, you can imagine how excited Bryce is!!!!

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