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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Getting the 2nd XL600 Home to Colorado....

Since Bryce purchased his Enduro Bike around Christmas, I have been shopping for another one. This bike would not only allow me to get up in areas of Colorado I want to explore, but it will also be a bike that Tyler can ride, joining Bryce and I on adventures.

The first of March, I found my bike. It was located in Phoenix, AZ. On a business trip, I checked it out and made the purchase. I dropped it in the garage of a colleague and there is sat for several weeks, until I could get back to AZ to bring it home.

Well, instead of hauling it back to Colorado, I decided to ride it home. The trip would be right at 800 miles and would require a night over. Fortunately, Marcus and Jessica were willing to allow me to pester them for a night in Albuquerque, before I got back on the bike and rode up to Colorado. Unfortunately, the weather got in the way and I had to borrow Marcus' truck to haul the bike home through a snow storm.

Leaving Phoenix.

The ride through Arizona.

A rest, somewhere along the way.

The Heroes!

It didn't take Tyler long to mount the new steed!

A full Stable!

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