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Saturday, June 13, 2009

First Street Bike

Spring of 2007, we decided to provide ourselves with a vehicle to put a little wind in our hair.....a motorcycle. The Lane family has a nice little cruiser. Maybe not little......A Honda with 1800 cc's and all the amenities for a nice road trip into the mountains. Audra and I plan to roll the wheels up into the mountains as soon as the temps rise above 70 degrees.

The boys sitting on the new bike was all the fun we had today, due to the cold, ice and snow. The temps were supposed to warm up above 50 and I was planning to have a short ride this afternoon, but this front is hanging around....snowing again and 31 degrees....

Audra and I drove up to Manitou Springs to eat enchiladas at the Loop. The Loop is the best Mexican we have found in Colorado....and it is about a 9.5 out of 10

After the trip up the Peak, we headed over to Garden of the Gods and I gave Mother a full tour of the park on my motorcycle.

Audra and I enjoyed a nice little ride on Sunday after church. We rode through Black Forect, through Garden of the Gods, up through Woodland Park, over to Cripple Creek....and then back home, some 140 miles later.

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