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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sold the XR350R....new Bike....

After all the work that Bryce did on the Honda, we decided to put it up on CraigsList and sell it. The Honda was awesome, but after riding it... I wanted something a little more modern. So we sold it for a good price and I went shopping.... After about a week, I ran across a Denver posting for a 2001 YZ426F... Identical to Bryce's bike. I jumped on it. Love the bike!!! It didn't take the boys long, to convince me to put the bike on a trail. My first ride was Captain Jacks, just west of Colorado Springs. Love the bike!!!!

Meeker Scouting Trip

In preparation for the White River, Colorado Off-Highway Vehicle Coalition Rendezvous in Meeker, Colorado.... Tyler and I joined a handful of riders from RMAR and COHVCO. We spent the weekend riding the area, learning about the access and trails. Joining us in the hotel was Terry D. (Danger Davis). We have a blast and it was a good time with Tyler.

RMAR Launch at Apex Sports

YES!!! The American Motorcycle Association approved and accepted Rocky Mountain Adventure Riders. To celebrate, Billet Racing Products and Apex Sports helped with a celebration of the launch of our AMA Group.

Kokopelli Ride and Moab, Day #3

Day 3 found everyone headed back to Grand Junction for the drive home to Colorado Springs. We deviated from the Kokopelli, running some pavement and then riding the 'tracks' for many, many miles (railroad tracks). We all arrived back home, safe and sound.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Kokopelli Ride and Moab, Day #2

Day #2 was awesome!!! Matt, Terry and I spent 10 hours riding the White Rim Trail. The views just can't be explained with photos... but these pics are really good. Bryce chose to head out with some guys to ride Slick Rock.