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Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Friend, Frank the German

You might have seen on my Big Bend Trip entry, I posted a couple of pics of Frank. Frank is the German guy I met in Big Bend. Frank shipped his bike over to the states from Germany and is completing a 4 month ride around the US and Canada.

Frank was able to route through Colorado Springs, on his way back east..... staying with us for a night. It was awesome that Frank was able to meet Audra and the kids. The boys were in awe of his motorcycle trip around the US.

Saturday evening, we grilled Tenderloin and enjoyed all of Franks stories of his riding. Sunday morning was all about the World Cup.... as England was pitted against Germany. Starting at 7am, breakfast was cooked and we were engaged in the match, which started at 8am. As Frank said..... "this is a good day.... Germany won!"

A pic of Frank heading east, just after 10am.

The Honda NX650 is FINISHED!!!!

The boys and I learned a lot, were very productive and had fun rebuilding this 22 year old treasure!!!! This bike is just awesome and I am thrilled to have it finished. This will be my Big Dog Ride this year.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Utah Canyon Lands, Day 3

Another record day of riding for the boys. 525 miles today.

Day #3 found us up early, after a heavy nights sleep.

Starting the morning off with hot oatmeal.
Leaving Canyon Lands.
Headed toward Cortez, CO.... we get a view of Ship Rock, NM.
Leaving Terry in Durango, where he rode Highway 550 to Albuquerque and then Interstate 40 to Amarillo. We headed west on highway 160, crossing the Continental Divide at Wolf Creek Pass.
Passing through one of the Avalanche Sheds.
Since it was Monday and Memorial Day, we stopped at a Memorial and snapped a photo of Red, White and Blue Motorcycles.
After 525 miles on Monday, we arrived home.

Utah Canyon Lands, Day 2

Day three was 11 hours of riding and 190 miles, with a big chunk of it..... Double Track Dirt.

Day #2 was our day to ride a lot of dirt and explore some canyons. We began our day, exploring the dirt road we had camped next to the night before.

After a couple of hours of riding into a deep canyon and hitting a dead end, we turned around and got back on some pavement.

After about thrity miles of tarmac, we turned south on to some more dirt road and double track.

Unfortunately, Terry Triumph Scrambler and its smaller gas tank didn't finish the ride. He ran out at the 190 mile mark. I towed him the remaining 30 miles to Hite, UT... where we filled up with gas.

After filling up with gas, the boys and I enjoyed a shower at the RV fresh water fill-up.

As the evening light was within 30 minutes of departing, we bailed off the highway, found a wonderful campsite and enjoyed some spaghetti and a lot of fun, fireside conversation.

Utah Canyon Lands, Day 1

For the past year, I have been dreaming of riding the Canyon Lands of South-east Utah. A year ago, I didn't think it would be a trip my boys could join me with, because of their experience and their bikes. Well, their riding skills have grown and we were able to lay our hands on two more Suzuki DL650's... the VStrom. I was thrilled they could join me, as it ended up being a wonderful, father - son experience and memory.

Once I started making plans, I invited other family members and friends. The only rider to join us was Terry, my riding friend from Amarillo. This would be a Memorial Weekend to remember.

Saturday ended up being right at 430 miles.

Our trip started on Saturday morning, May 29th. The boys and I are packed up and ready to 'head out'. Today would be the biggest day of riding for the boys.

Running the canyon road, highway 50, in between Canyon City and Salida.

Topping out on Monarch Pass.

Lunch a the Sonic Drive Inn.

Riding by Blue Mesa Reservior.

Riding Old Highway 90 in between Montrose and the Utah state line. Yeah.... they call this dirt road, Highway 90.

Arriving in Utah.

Meeting up with Terry in Monticello, UT.

Riding up to our camping spot, we stop to look over at the Moab area.

Riding about a mile of very rough double track, we arrive in a wonderful area with a little creek and opening to pitch our tents. For the boys and I, it ended up being a 440 mile day... a mix of dirt roads and tarmac, a grand total of 11 hours of riding. Terry stayed each night in his one-man tent. The boys and I (and some of our gear), crashed in our 4-man tent.