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Saturday, June 13, 2009

ADV WestFest 2008, Day 3

Unfortunately, August 10th meant it was time to pack up and head home. Fortunately for me and a couple of others, we had the pleasure of riding a lot of dirt and mountain roads on the way home, avoiding the blacktop....unless it was twisty!!!!

Day three, Sunday morning found me terribly groggy and worn out from hard riding and tent sleeping. Certainly not the most flattering picture, but it is reality at 5:30am.

After coffee and oatmeal, I am beginning to pack up camp. I love the Givi Boxes!

Los Pinos Pass, 10,514 ft.

I will simply call this one... Lonely Road. On the way home, we ran about 60 miles of wide open, dirt road across the Colorado high country.

Marshall Pass and the Continental Divide at 10,842 ft.

Lunch in Salida at one of my favorites, Amica's.

Pulling up to the house, the odometer read 728.6 miles. All in all, a very nice weekend of riding the Rocky Mountains.

Postscript..... One of my riding friends just sent these pics over to me. These are from the ride on Saturday.

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