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Saturday, September 26, 2009

After getting the VStrom to Colorado, Bryce and I decided to ride up to Boulder (the back way through the mountains), so we could see Cassi and have lunch with her. At the last minute, my bud Norm asked to join us.

Sold the 2nd XL600 and working on a purchase....

Well, I must admit that I am a little bummed. The Lane Boys owned two outstanding Honda's that would, no doubt, run another 10 years.....but other bikes were wanted. And....I understand that. But, the classic 1980's, Honda XL600's will always be memories in our minds that were very, very good!!!!

So, upon Bryce selling his XL600, Tyler and I decided to 'test the market'. We had purchased the 600 from Arizona for an absolute steal, so we thought we might be able to gather enough cash to purchase a little better bike, in regard to highway worthyness....and Dual-Sport fun.

One of our ADV acquaintances wanted the bike, so we loaded him up and shipped him off to Denver with an outstanding bike.

So....after a lot of time on Craigslist and Ebay and CycleTrader, we think we have found the bike. I hope this is the bike!!!!

Honda only imported the NX to America for two years, 1988 and 1989. It was actually far before its time, as Dual-Sport riding was only in the minds of a few. Finding a 21 year old bike in near mint condition is totally friggin awesome!!!!

So, I have business in Utah this coming week and I will do a fly and ride again. The bike is in Salt Lake City. After two days of sales calls, I will ride the bike to Troy and Joy's in Grand Junction and then do the second day, back to the house.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fly, Buy and Ride....Houston to Colorado

As you can see from a previous post, Bryce had sold his Honda in hopes of finding a VStrom. Thanks to ADV Flea Market, we found the bike he was looking for in Houston, Texas.

After a couple of weeks of waiting, I had business in Texas and did a fly and ride to pick up the bike and conduct business. Houston in the rear view mirror.

Upon arriving at Mom's, she was more than excellent in preparing a Country Fried Steak dinner, and cobler!!!!Brownwood, TX

Hill Country Roads. Leaving Mom's, hustling the bike up to the Panhandle where I would do business for a couple of days, I enjoyed some twisties.

One of the biggest ranches in America is the Four Sixes.

Texas does the best Road Side Parks. This one was amazing.

Trains along the highway.

Texas has a corner on the market of the modern Wind Generator. These things are all over the place.

Grain Silos.

822 miles on the odometer from Houston. It is a long way across Texas!!!

Entering Colorado.

Kim, CO

Kim is a tiny little place with a single store, kitchen and gas pump... Yeah, one gas pump.

There was a good Elk Hunt Story with this one.

Heading in to Colorado Springs.

And the final odometer read....

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bryce Sells his XL600

In a matter of days, after shopping the Web extensively, Bryce made the decision to sell his Honda XL600. After listing the bike on CraigsList and several motorcycle forums, the bike sold in 5 short days for his asking price.

The buyer lives in Gunnison, Colorado so we agreed to meet him in Salida for the business transaction. That meant Bryce was priviledged to do one last ride on the bike, a 120 mile jaunt west. We left Falcon early this morning at 6:30am in heavy fog.

Once we headed west on Hwy 50, the fog lifted and we had a beautiful trip. I escorted him in the new Accent.

Riding the Canyon that the Arkansas River flows down is fun riding with all the twisties.

It was kinda sad to see the bike leave in the back of a pickup, as we had so many great memories with the 600. Oh well, time to make more memories on a new bike for Bryce. He is now saving for a VStrom....the same bike I have.

A Ride out of Boulder

Friday afternoon found me riding the bike north to Boulder, to pick up Cassi for a ride up the St.Vrain Canyon, down the Peak to Peak Highway and back down Boulder Creek Canyon. It was great seeing my Cass!!!! I was very impressed that my college girl wanted to hang with Dad on a Friday night.

A view of Boulder, as I drop down into town.

I met Sis for a coffee at Starbucks and then we headed to her apartment to meet her roomies and then we departed for the ride.

In St.Vrain Canyon, we spotted some Big Horn Sheep.

Entering the Scenic Byway on the Peak to Peak Highway.

And the evening was capped off with dinner at the Black Forest Restaurant, a German restaurant in Nederland, CO. We dined on Jaegerschnitzel and Kasslerrippchen, with an Apple Strudel for dessert. It was really, really good!!