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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Three Day, 2-Up, Colorado Adventure Ride, Day 2

Leaving Gunnison this morning (Hwy 50 E), we turned off on Co Rd 76, riding through Ohio and Pitkin. The trees were awesome, even along the road.

Half way up Forest Road 765, we stopped for a pic of the beaver ponds and a view of a beautiful basin.

Finally, we topped out on Cumberland Pass (12, 015 feet). At this point we had ridden 10 miles of rough dirt road and have 15 more miles of dirt road. This is exactly why I wanted an Adventure Touring Bike!!!

Taylor Reservoir.

Arriving at Crested Butte, we were famished and headed promptly for some grub.

We highly recommed Izzy's for lunch. The Ruben and the Tomato Chili Soup are AWESOME!! We spent two, full hours in Crested Butte, walking the streets and browsing the stores. Audra picked up a Crested Butte T-Shirt and we both enjoyed a beer at the Crested Butte Brewery.

Eventually we continued to head north, riding up over Kebler Pass on Forest Road 12.

Taking a diversion off of FR12, we headed up to Lost Lake. This place is phenomenal.

Massive Aspens like these are not everywhere in Colorado, but pick the right road and you will find them. FR12 has plently of these mature Aspens.

McClure Pass. Short on Elevation at 8,755 but HUGE on sites!!! Check out the next pic.

Only about a mile off of McClure Pass, the sites are breath-taking. Notice the snow-capped peak in the distance.

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