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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Big Bend Trip, Day 5

After all the night time storms, I awoke in Alpine to a beautiful day. A pic of Alpine from the Sul Ross State University, High Rise Dorm parking lot.

After riding around Alpine and taking in the sights, I rode up to Fort Davis to meet the Miller's for lunch at Poco Mexico. It was great to see them, visit and enjoy some great Mexican Food.

Red Enchiladas, Tamale and Chili Renello.... good stuff!

After lunch with the Miller's, we were talking outside by the bike and to my great surprise, Frank came riding by. He had left Rio Grande Village early that morning riding up the River Road to Presidio and then on to Fort Davis. He just happen to come by the restaurant at the time we were standing outside. Frank changed his plans and rode with me for the rest of the day. The Miller's enjoyed a conversation with Frank while I filled up with gas, then we departed for New Mexico.

On the way north, we stopped at McDonald Observatory to take in the views.

North of Van Horn, we are headed for Guadalupe Peak.

Stopping at the Rest Stop at Guadalupe Peak, we made a hotel reservation for Carlsbad, NM. Two hours later we checked in to the hotel, got cleaned up and enjoyed a Chili Cheese Coney at the Sonic. I treated Frank to his first Onion Ring. He liked them.

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