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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Big Bend Trip, Day 3

Packing up to leave with my mother watching on.

Tuesday morning found us huddled around the kitchen, enjoying Kolaches and coffee for breakfast, with some great conversation. Leaving Jacque and Fudd's home, I rode in to Midland to Academy Sports to purchase a fuel canister for my backpacking stove. (I purchased one, but bought the wrong one.... more on this story, later.)

Leaving Midland, I headed south to Rankin, TX. It is amazing to me that the little county roads in Texas are 75mph.

After all the miles in the Panhandle, it was very cool to see some mesas and canyons.

On my way down, I sent a text to Fudd, asking for a good place to eat lunch. He replied with.... Old House Cafe in Iraan, TX. I was amazed at the $7 Chicken Fried Steak. Took me back to my high school years of Football and Basketball trips and the meals we ate.

And the much awaited destination.... Big Bend National Park!!!!

10 miles into the Park, I came upon the awesome view of the Chisos Mountains.

I had originally planned to spend the night in Big Bend Ranch State Park, but I wanted to spend more time in the National Park. I chose the Rio Grande Village Campground for my overnight stay.

Camped next to me was a fellow from Germany (Frank), accomplishing a 6 month motorcycle tour of our "Contiguous 48". Frank and I quickly formed a friendship and even shared a spaghetti dinner, as we swapped stories of motorcycle trips and motorcycles. We even studied his maps and I gave him some great ride ideas that he had missed.

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