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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Moab Trip - Day #3

Saturday morning found everyone sleeping hard. We were sore and beat-up from all the tough riding. This would be the day that Bryce and I would pack up and retrace our ride back to Joy's house.
Bryce and I slept in my little tent, but with the thick sleep pads, it was really nice. The overnight temps dropped into the low 60's.

Coffee was the go go juice that everyone was craving, as Matt whipped up some awesome breakfast burritos.
Before leaving town, Bryce and I found a bicycle shop to purchase an air pump. (We had two flats on the trip up and used Bill's pump.) At the shop, we discovered what they did with worn out tubes.

The ride back to Joy's totaled 132 miles.... a thrid of those miles were really really tough, back up Sheep Creek.

Arriving back at Joy's, we gave the girls a quick ride.

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