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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Moab Trip - Day #2, Riding the Rocks....

After resting at the campground for a couple of hours, letting the heat of day pass..... we headed out for Slick Rock to ride Fins and Things. It was incredible riding. There were a few wrecked bikes because of either the deep sand or the steep rock climbs.... but generally a lot of very satisfied and worn out riders.

Once back at camp, Matt cooked up a buffet of a feast.... we had hotdogs, hamburgers and Salmon!!! We decided to changed his ADV handle from MAC to Chuckwagon!!!!!

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  1. Great write up and pictures. I LOVE Moab! Definitely one of the funnest place in the world. I don't ride dirt too often, but have been out there on rock crawlers. Incredible!