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Sunday, August 14, 2011

2011 Rocky Mountain Adventure Ride - Saturday

After a good nights sleep, everyone was ready for another day of great riding.  I had hoped to lay low and take my family on a ride, but a big collection of riders wanted me to lead again.  Today Bryce and Sean (Cassi's boyfriend) would join us on our ride.  Sean would be riding Audra's little Honda XR250.

Once again the morning would start off with the rider meeting.

Here's the group I led, with the help of Matt McCabe (orange bike on the right).

Here's a pic of me on my big Honda 650, talking to Sean and Bryce.

After about 3 hours of riding, the group tops out between Antora Peak and Windy Point, just over 12,000 feet elevation.  Tyler and Bryce made it to the top of some very challenging climbs on their big VStroms.  I am very proud of the boys riding skills.

Just below Antoro Peak, we encountered a gold and silver miner.  He talked to Sean and Bryce about his successes.  Apparently, the month before.... he hit a vein and collected just over 40 oz of gold.  At $2k an ounce.....it was a quick $80,000.

And Sean was the recipient of the only flat tire of the day.  Terry and Bryce lend their expertise in patching the tube.

At one point in the ride, we were completely lost and I took advice from this wild critter up in the woods.  Thankfully, he knew the country like the back of his hand.

And once back at base camp, the food prep began for the famous, Ribeye Steak Dinner.  Folks are always impressed that we hand cut the steaks.

Audra is exchanging some laughs with a couple other ladies.  Probably something like.... Will these men we have married.... ever grow up!!!!

Some of the kitchen staff.

My buddies, Mark and Bernie, cooking up the flap-jacks.

And our grill masters!!!!!!

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