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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Good bye to Two..... Hello to One

After a long winter of deliberation, I made a couple of tough choices. I decided to sell the BMW K1200LT and the Honda NX650. Both of these bikes were outstanding for me, but I realized I was just not a good fit for either bike. The LT is a long distance touring bike and that just isn't in the cards for Audra and I at this juncture in our lives. The NX is simply an amazing dual-sport, but it was going to take a ton of work to get it set up for my 6'4", 240 lb body. And it wasn't the 'Dirt Bike' I really wanted. I needed a bike that would tackle the light single track and high mountain adventure riding that I love to do.

So, I sold both bikes this spring.

After about a month of hard searching on Cycle Trader, Craigs List and EBay, I found the bike I was looking for. Staying a 'Honda Guy', I stumbled on a XR650R up in Denver that is in really good shape. The bike only needs about $500 of upgrades to make it "Happy" for me. I am really looking forward to getting this dude up in the woods and throw it around on the trails.

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