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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Facelift on Tyler's Strom

For the past several months, Tyler has been working hard, paying back his loan (to Dad) for his own Suzuki VStrom. With his 19th birthday arriving, he is also nearing the end of his payments and had some cash in his pockets and some birthday presents to fully equip his bike.

It took him a couple of days in the garage to do all the work, but in the end... the bike really looks phenomenal.

He added Hand Guards, Engine Guards, Skid Plate, Center Stand, Luggage Racks and Handlebar Risers. He also had to replace the oil seals in his front forks.

Finally, he purchased some 'Truck Bed Liner Spray' and painted his cowling. The previous owner had dropped the bike a couple of times and the cowling was a little scratched up. Now.... it looks amazing!!!

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