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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Utah Canyon Lands, Day 2

Day three was 11 hours of riding and 190 miles, with a big chunk of it..... Double Track Dirt.

Day #2 was our day to ride a lot of dirt and explore some canyons. We began our day, exploring the dirt road we had camped next to the night before.

After a couple of hours of riding into a deep canyon and hitting a dead end, we turned around and got back on some pavement.

After about thrity miles of tarmac, we turned south on to some more dirt road and double track.

Unfortunately, Terry Triumph Scrambler and its smaller gas tank didn't finish the ride. He ran out at the 190 mile mark. I towed him the remaining 30 miles to Hite, UT... where we filled up with gas.

After filling up with gas, the boys and I enjoyed a shower at the RV fresh water fill-up.

As the evening light was within 30 minutes of departing, we bailed off the highway, found a wonderful campsite and enjoyed some spaghetti and a lot of fun, fireside conversation.

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