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Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Friend, Frank the German

You might have seen on my Big Bend Trip entry, I posted a couple of pics of Frank. Frank is the German guy I met in Big Bend. Frank shipped his bike over to the states from Germany and is completing a 4 month ride around the US and Canada.

Frank was able to route through Colorado Springs, on his way back east..... staying with us for a night. It was awesome that Frank was able to meet Audra and the kids. The boys were in awe of his motorcycle trip around the US.

Saturday evening, we grilled Tenderloin and enjoyed all of Franks stories of his riding. Sunday morning was all about the World Cup.... as England was pitted against Germany. Starting at 7am, breakfast was cooked and we were engaged in the match, which started at 8am. As Frank said..... "this is a good day.... Germany won!"

A pic of Frank heading east, just after 10am.

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