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Sunday, April 22, 2012

1984 Honda XR350R - Winter Project

After pestering me for a couple of months for a "Winter Project", Bryce got his way after I found a great deal on Craigslist. We found a 1984 Honda XR350R that needed some work, but was in great condition. After a bit of haggling, we settled on a handshake and $300. Starting at new job with NWEA the first of the year, this would be Bryce's project, for the most part. He was 100% responsible for the work on the engine and the transmission... where all the problems were occuring. He tore into the top end and simply had to clean it up and adjust the valves. The tranny was another story. Both 4th and 6th gears were stripped and there was a good bit of damage throughout the bottom end. After shopping the internet for a couple of weeks, a very generous gentleman up in Denver (acquaintence through our Adventure Forum), gave us the tranny off of a 1985 Honda XL350. This was a great find and a great swap, as the '85 XL's tranny is a lot stonger than the OEM. In the short amount of time that I could give to the rebuild, I focused on the asthetics. I prepped and repainted the frame and the all the plastics and helped put it back together. Bryce did an awesome job. Once we put her back together, we poured oil in the case and the bike fired to life on the second kick. Today, I road her up and down the street and she will be a great single-track, woods bike!!!! Just what I wanted and a great bike for Tyler to ride until he can get his own.

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