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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Quick Trip to Texas

Taking a part of last weekend, I decided it was time for a visit to hang with Mom. I decided to ride the new bike down.

The visit was wonderful. It was good times with Mom. Great food, great conversation and Jim popped over for a visit as well.

The trip down was 779 miles and the trip back was 783 miles. Long, but fun days on a bike!

The ride down was a little tough. Fromn Amarillo to Brownwood, the temps were over 100 degrees. The hot spot was Post, TX, at 107 degrees.
The bikes temp registered 101 degrees in Abilene.

For most of a day, I worked around the property. Mom's road was washed out, so I used the tractor to fix the road and build up the 'water dump'.
The "four sixes" (6666) is a massive ranch in the Texas panhandle. Briefly I stopped for a rest at a roadside park, named after the ranch.

Really????? Hey kids....here is a playground.....but don't enter because of rattlesnakes!!!!! Only in Texas.

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