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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

2010 RMAR - Rocky Mountain Adventure Rally

About 9 months ago, I learned that WestFest (an adventure motorcycle rally that I have attended for the past three years), had been moved on the calendar. It now conflicted with Audra's birthday. So in an effort to not miss some fun, I called half a dozen riding friends to ask if they would be interested in doing our own event, where maybe 15-20 riders would show up. Long story short, 120 registered and turned our cozy, little outing into a major ADVRider Rally.

We met in South Fork, CO, (in between Alamosa and Pagosa Springs) on Thursday and enjoyed four days of outstanding food, riding and friendship.

Joining me was Bryce and Audra, along with Marcus, Jessica and my friend from Amarillo, Terry. (Tyler just got a new job and couldn't get time off....and Katie stayed at home with him.) We all shared a big cabin at the base camp.

So yeah....you can imagine the logics and prep to cook two breakfasts and two dinners for 120 people. It went very well and was a huge success.

Enjoy the pics.....

Bryce playing in the mud.

A pic of me leading a large riding group.
Jessica and Terry on their 6 hour ride through the mountains, while Marcus and I were playing on tough double track.
Marcus and I at 13,000 feet.

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