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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fly, Buy and Ride

After some haggling on the phone, the buyer agreed to my offer and was willing to wait a couple of weeks to take payment, allowing me to get to Salt Lake City. After a couple of days of selling Instructional Software with my Utah Rep, I swung by the sellers residence, purchased the bike, packed it up and headed east.

Riding down the interstate from SLC to Spanish Fork, the snow looked ominous on the Wasatch Range. I knew I was in for some chilly riding.

Half way up the pass, it started snowing. I had to pull over three times to clean the ice and snow off my face shield, allowing me to see the road.

And finally, I reach Soldier Summit. Of course you can't read the sign.... it is snow covered.

On the east side of the Wasatch, the country is big and lonely, with long straight roads.

Finally, I arrive in Colorado.

It was getting dark as I rode up to Troy and Joy's for an overnight stay. It was great seeing them, catching up and enjoying the girls.

Leaving Grand Junction the next morning in 30 degree temps. It would not get any warmer and my gear was worth its weight in gold!

It doesn't look cold, but it was quiet chilly on top of Monarch Pass.

Running the twisties on Hwy 50 in the Arkansas River Canyon, I am nearly home. The two-day trip ended up totaling 617 miles and was another great adventure.

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