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Saturday, October 3, 2009

2009 Colorado Leaf Tour, Day 2

Day two started off in the chill of the morning, where we had to scrape the frost off the motorcycle seat and bundle-up.

In the Redstone area, there were mines that provided the basics to Pueblo for steel production. These are the Coking Ovens.

A detour through Marble was a must. This box canyon is truly beautiful.

A beaver lodge in the middle of a high mountain pond.

McClure Pass.

This is the first of many pics of the scenery and the changing colors....

Kebler Pass

Crested Butte

Taylor Reservoir was off in the background.

Cottonwood Pass and the fall colors that exist on Tundra above 12,000 feet.

Knight-Inler State Wildlife Area and also known as Badger Flats. Looking north toward Breckenridge.

Wilkerson Pass with Pikes Peak in the background.

Starbucks in Woodland Park, just before riding the final 30 minutes to the house.

The trip ended up totaling 565 miles over two days and we were treated to some amazing sights, colors and fragrances.

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