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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bryce Sells his XL600

In a matter of days, after shopping the Web extensively, Bryce made the decision to sell his Honda XL600. After listing the bike on CraigsList and several motorcycle forums, the bike sold in 5 short days for his asking price.

The buyer lives in Gunnison, Colorado so we agreed to meet him in Salida for the business transaction. That meant Bryce was priviledged to do one last ride on the bike, a 120 mile jaunt west. We left Falcon early this morning at 6:30am in heavy fog.

Once we headed west on Hwy 50, the fog lifted and we had a beautiful trip. I escorted him in the new Accent.

Riding the Canyon that the Arkansas River flows down is fun riding with all the twisties.

It was kinda sad to see the bike leave in the back of a pickup, as we had so many great memories with the 600. Oh well, time to make more memories on a new bike for Bryce. He is now saving for a VStrom....the same bike I have.

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