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Thursday, August 6, 2009

West Fest 2009 - Day #2

Late on Thursday evening, Marcus arrived from Albuquerque. He drove his pickup with the KLR in the back and made it in about 6 hours. Our morning started off with some breakfast burritos, cooked up in my camping pans. From there, we geared up and headed for BV for a fill-up and dash to the 4-Mile area for some double track riding.

Gett'in ready to go!

Unfortunately, we didn't get far until our first challenge. Marcus' KLR died and Greg's Tiger got a flat, both within a quarter mile of one another. The tire was fixed quickly, but the KLR stayed sick. We got it restarted and for the next two hours, Marcus was able to ride on and off, but we finally gave up around lunch and headed to a bike shop. Over lunch the bike was rejetted for 9k feet elevation and after that, it ran like a champ! Little lesson here..... if you purchase a bike on the coast and then ride it to 10k feet elevation, assume you will have trouble.

The trail riding resumed and numerous water crossings added some spice.

Once the bike shop rejetted Marcus' KLR, we headed back to the 4-Mile area for a couple more hours of riding before we needed to retire to the campground.

In our Adventuring, we stumbled across this log cabin at about 10k feet in elevation. Hmmmm... must have made for some interesting winters back in the late 1800's! It was a great place to rest and relax for a bit.

The trail riding continued. 4-Mile is some of the best I have ever experienced.

Once the day ended, we rolled into camp with a nice view of a rainbow.

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