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Thursday, August 6, 2009

West Fest 2009 - Day #1

In 2008, I stumbled across some information about an Adventure Motorcycle Rally in the Western US call ADV West Fest. I decided I had to do it. That long weekend in 2008 in Lake City, Colorado changed my life in terms of motorcycle riding and the fun involved with like-minded riders. I made a commitment that this would be my focus in terms of riding bikes and I would be returning.

2009 found the Colorado Lane's with three bikes and the ability for the boys to join me for WF09 in Buena Vista, Colorado. I signed us up! Matter of fact, I recruited hard for friends and family to join us. In the end, a couple of friends from the front range signed up, as well as a friend from Amarillo and my nephew from Albuquerque.

Terry from Amarillo, the boys and I are packed up and headed out.

Our first stop was at Ute Pass, about an hour from the house.

A good portion of the three hour trip to Buena Vista, involve some riding in the rain. No worries... a little rain never stops an Adventure Rider.

Arriving at base camp, we promptly set up our home for the next three days. I brought the big tent, as there would be five of us piling in.

The first night we enjoyed each others company and the boys dove into some cards. We hit the hay early, as we had a hard day of riding coming up.

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