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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sunday Riding the XR650R with other PIGS.....

This post is just text.....  just a story.  After several weeks of hard work.... not having any recreational activity, I needed a break.  Well, a break would have to take place after a hard days work on a Friday and then a full day of "School Board Retreat Work" on a Saturday.

Sunday arrived early, but I was eager to get out on my "new to me", Honda XR650R.....  It would be a Pig Roast and Ride on the Ranpart Range with three other, Pig Riders......  The Big Red Pig is the nick-name of my bike..... my Honda XR650R..... the Baja Race Monster.

My Sunday morning started out at 7am.... with coffee and gearing up for my ride.  Breakfast was shared with Audra...and then I headed out, on my 'street legal' dirt bike....for the 60 minute, highway ride up to Woodland Park.  I was to meet a could of ADV'ers....for a tough ride in the woods and then a feast of BBQ'd Pork sandwiches.

It was a great day..... including a nasty spill by me..... (yeah, I over stepped my abilities)..... but it was awesome and a wonderful day of riding in the woods.

I am soooo pleased with my Honda.  It has awesome power and it is still agile enough to throw around in the dirt.

I love it!!!!!!

Here is a little video....  if it stays posted.  I am the 3rd rider......


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