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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Northern Colorado Motorcycle Adventure

This weekend, Audra and I just got an itch to see some more of Colorado off the back of our bike. We planned a three trip of about 850 miles, looping through Glenwood Springs, Estes Park and back home.

Day 1, we rode from Falcon, to Woodland Park, to Fairplay, to Breckenridge, to Leadville and down to Glenwood Springs.

Day 2, we rode from Glenwood Springs, up the Colorado River Road, to Steamboat Springs, around to Granby and then over to Estes Park.

Day 3, we rode from Estes Park, back through Rocky Mountain National Park, down through Winter Park, to Idaho Springs, up to Mt. Evans, and down through Evergreen to home.

Enjoy the pics and the three videos.

Wilkerson Pass in between Woodland Park and Hartsel. In the background, you can see Pikes Peak. We are about 70 miles from the house.
Hoosier Pass in between Alma and Breckenridge.
Clinton Gulch Reservoir in between Cooper Mountain and Leadville.
Leadville, CO
Tennessee Pass and an abandoned mountain mining community, in between Leadville and Minturn.

Glenwood Canyon.
Nice little ranch on the Colorado River Road.
Back over the Continental Divide in between Walden and Granby.

Three pics of Rocky Mountain National Park.

Lake Granby.
Two pics of the ride up Mt. Evans. (You have to watch the third video!)

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