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Monday, July 20, 2009

Ouray Adventure Ride Day #2

After some delivery some hot coffee and fresh baked Croissants to Audra for breakfast in bed, Saturday morning found Mike and I riding up the Million Dollar Highway at 8am, hanging a left at Cork Screw Gulch.

Before hitting the rough stuff we stopped to look at the map and lower our air pressure.

Heading out

Heading far above 10k feet

This is why they call it Cork Screw

Stunning views and thin air!

Hurricane Pass

Cinnamon Pass

California Pass


An Old Mine

Shelf Road

Lunch at Poker Alice's

Riding north toward Blue Mesa


High Mesa

Chimney Rock

Back toward Ouray

We finished the day off with Prime Rib, a draft and live mountain music. All told, it was 110 miles of riding that took just over 10 hours. The San Juans are amazing and we will continue to go back for more.

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